Break free of the cost of business phone lines – and save every month

Eliminate the monthly cost of multiple phone lines and internet – and replace it with one cost-effective digital network access. Integrated Digital Solutions (IDS) brings you Fibernetics NewtManaged PBX service with amazing voice quality and savings every month. Many businesses find they save 50 to 80% on their monthly phone bill.


Over 50 powerful features –
at no extra charge

More functionality for less cost. Fibernetics NewtManaged PBX gives you full PBX functionality, normally associated with more expensive phone systems. Since it’s all network based, you get 50 powerful features – like Caller ID and Conference Calling – at no extra charge. Plus you get regularly scheduled feature release upgrades at no charge.  

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Reliable voice communication

Fibernetics NewtManaged PBX service is a fully managed, digital business voice solution. Every call is managed from start to finish. We do not use VoIP or the internet for voice transit. The Newt solution uses a secure, proprietary, quality Internet connection over fibre-optic cable with a completely private path for voice, ensuring an unparalleled voice quality.

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e-info keeps you current on IDS service

See how we’re performing without even asking. Simply log-in to e-info on our website to view all information on the products and services supplied to you by IDS. When you place a service call, it’s just like one of our dispatchers input the call. We’re totally accountable – to you.

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