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Canon imagePRESS iP1110P Digital Press

Canon imagePRESS iP1110S Digital Press

Canon imagePRESS iP1125P Digital Press

Canon imagePRESS iP1135P Digital Press

iR ADV 8205 Canon ImageRunner Advance Digital Copier

iR ADV 8285 Canon ImageRunner Advance Digital Copier

iR ADV 8295 Canon ImageRunner Advance Digital Copier

Canon imagePRESS iP1110P Digital Press

Canon's imagePRESS 1110P is poised to revolutionize digital black-and-white printing. Built on the same core architecture as the imagePRESS C7000VP, Canon has developed an extraordinary monochrome production press that delivers uncompromising image and text quality, productivity, and versatility. With true 1200 x 1200 dpi output and 256 tonal gradations, the imagePRESS 1110P produces consistently crisp text and beautifully detailed halftones on a wide range of media types and sizes. And it can print up to 6600 impressions per hour for unprecedented productivity that will move your print job through the shop quickly. Enhanced productivity is the cornerstone of the imagePRESS 1110P. Canon's imagePRESS 1110P presses are built to be easy-to-use, consistent, and dependable. With the advanced feeding technologies incorporated into the press, the press will run without missing a beat. Suction feeding, which is standard on the POD deck, picks up the paper with air instead of rollers. This is similar in design to how a commercial press functions, without the large capital outlay. In addition, the press can run unattended for hours because of its high capacity toner hopper and ability to hold up to 10,000 sheets further increasing the productivity the press will deliver.

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