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Remote Office

Go Beyond with IDS Remote Office Solutions

The world has changed and the remote office now reigns supreme. Even as things shift back to the new normal, people may not be in any rush to completely flip the switch on working from home.

Regardless of where you and your employees choose to work, we understand productivity is your priority. We support businesses to hit their targets by providing IT solutions that extend from the corporate office through to the spaces you work in at home. Via high-quality hardware and software updates, we eliminate service interruptions and keep you connected – regardless of whether your right beside or miles away from your team.

What can we do to enhance your remote office?

At Integrated Digital Solutions, we are concerned with all things business IT. More than that, we look at which products you rely on to deliver on your business commitments and make sure they are working as effectively as possible.

In the spirit of keeping you online and up-keeping the quality of your outputs, we support you with any of the following (and a whole lot more):

  • Home printer (installation and software support)
  • Phone services (everything your office phone does, we can achieve at home)
  • High-powered networks that eliminate those awkward drops & pauses
  • Cyber and physical security installation and support
  • Wiring, cabling, plugs and all things brick and mortar that support IT best practices

Get the capabilities of a high-functioning corporate office within the comfort of your own home

The home office is no longer an after-work or after-thought place to get things done. Contact Integrated Digital Solutions to learn how we can elevate your remote office experiences, so you can get all the benefits of working from home, without compromising your capability to deliver great work.

Contact our remote office division to find out how we can help serve your business today.

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